Generators: Your Own Personal Power Plan

When the power goes out, everyone needs a reliable backup plan. Southern View Energy offers effective generator solutions:

Gas Generators can be very compact and still produce a large amount of electricity. They’re also easy to start and operate. Southern View Energy is a certified Generac generator installer as well as a certified Kohler Dealer. We install Natural Gas & Propane generators for residential and light commercial systems.

How to determine your generator size: Southern View Energy will serve as your expert design consultant. Contact us today and learn how to make your home or business safe and secure in any power outage event.

Hybrid Solar Electric and Gas Generators: When Solar-Powered Backup May Not Be Enough

A “hybrid” or dual system is a combination of solar electric-powered/battery backup, along with a conventional generator that is tied into the building’s emergency power circuits. This model is beneficial in areas where power may not be reliable for a variety of reasons. It also allows you to reduce the size and cost of the conventionally fueled generator.  Additionally, you have the added security of a true stand-alone (solar-powered) system providing an extra measure of protection should the gas system’s fuel source become compromised.

Southern View Energy is an authorized Kohler dealer as well as an authorized Generac installer with expert experience designing and installing hybrid backup power systems. Contact us today and discover just how affordable it is to gain this level of power outage protection.

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