Electric Vehicle Chargers

Charge your electric vehicle in half the time

Southern View Energy is a Tesla trained and certified installer, so if you own an electric vehicle (EV) and want to recharge it faster than the average 8-12 hours it takes for a Level 1 (120V) EV charger that is typically provided by the dealer, no problem!  Southern View Energy routinely installs Level 2 (240V) EV charging stations. Capable of restoring a fully depleted EV to “Full” in half that time (just 4-6 hours) you’ll rarely have to worry about a quick turnaround with your EV.

Additionally, Southern View Energy can install your new Level 2 charging station as a “portable” unit that you can take with you. While you’ll need to have a dedicated, 240V (electric stove or dryer-type) outlet available wherever you plan to go, we believe it’s a very smart option to have that doesn’t add much to the installation cost.

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If you have already purchased an EV, having a Level 2 home charging station is a great way to realize the full benefits of your EV. Contact SVE to purchase and/or install your preferred Tesla products or to find out more information about solar power for your home.


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