Commercial Solar Installation Process

Southern View Energy’s Installation Approach

As electric rates continue to increase, businesses that own their office buildings, production facilities and farmland are converting to solar electric power to offset operating costs and shield against inflation. Scott Earp, owner and president of Southern View Energy (SVE) explains his company’s straightforward process for installing a commercial solar roof system.

SVE’s Case Study For Gaining Energy Independence

Installing a solar electric power system for your business provides a significant Return on Investment (ROI) and the potential for a rapid pay-off period. Commercial solar owners benefit from immediate utility savings, at least a 30% federal income tax credit, and a bonus accelerated 5-year depreciation schedule for solar, if needed. For more detailed information please reference our Solar Financial & Tax Incentives information.

Farmers and businesses in rural counties may be eligible for a Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant. The REAP grant is currently a 50% cash award for solar installations. When the 50% cash award is added to the 30% federal income tax credit, 80% of the project cost is covered! MACRS bonus depreciation and the annual energy savings generated by the solar system contribute to a very rapid ROI.
Click the video to view a case study showing how installing solar reduced the electricity costs for a chicken farmer.

SVE Owner, Scott Earp explains the commercial solar installation process.
Case Study: Solar reduces electricity costs for local chicken farmer.

At SVE, our certified solar specialists will guide you through the process, from the initial consultation, through construction, to final inspection. With our years of experience installing solar panels for commercial use, you will not find a more capable solar installation company. We encourage every business to consider the savings in utility costs and tax benefits, but also the opportunity for marketing and promoting your business as an industry leader in sustainable energy initiatives. Studies show that “going green” and using safe, environmentally sustainable energy sources can lead to higher consumer loyalty.

Southern View Energy can help you find practical, affordable energy solutions for your business. Contact us today to schedule a site assessment so you can get started toward attaining your significant power savings!

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