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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

As commercial electric rates in Georgia continue to increase, more and more businesses who have invested in commercial buildings, plants and farm land are turning towards solar electric power to reduce operating costs and provide a solid hedge against utility inflation.

Did you know that installing a solar electric system for your business has significant ROI and a rapid pay-off period? Commercial solar owners benefit not only from immediate utility savings and a 30% federal tax credit, but also enjoy an accelerated 5-year depreciation schedule on solar. At Southern View Energy, our certified solar specialists will guide you through the process, from the initial consultation through construction to final inspection. With our years of experience installing solar panels for commercial use, you will be in very capable hands.

We encourage every company to consider not only the savings in utility costs and tax benefits, but also the opportunity for marketing and promoting your business as an industry leader in sustainable energy initiatives. “Going green” and using safe, environmentally-sustainable energy sources is highly popular among consumers and can be a defining moment for your company’s brand and public relations.

Find out more about the solar panel installation process, take a look at the pros and cons, and get the answers to solar power FAQs. Remember that Southern View Energy can help you find practical, affordable energy solutions for your business.

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