6 Steps to Energy Independence

Getting Started with Solar – It’s Easy!

In six steps Southern View Energy can make your solar energy idea a reality from start to finish!

Step 1: Energy Usage Analysis

First, we ask you to send us 12 months of utility information for each meter, or as many months as you have if you haven’t resided in your home or business for a year. Analyzing the usage is the key to determining what size solar system is right for you because every home and business is unique. We will talk with you about your current energy usage, future energy needs, and savings goals. We review your past energy usage patterns and evaluate your property for adequate solar exposure.

Step 2: Proposals

Southern View Energy will provide you with a variety of solar power options, some including backup storage solutions that will reduce your utility-supplied energy costs. Our proposal(s) include pricing and an ROI analysis. We identify federal tax credits and other incentives that can dramatically reduce your financial investment. We will advise you on the best, most efficient ways to bring solar energy to your home or business. 

All of our proposals have an installation price that is stated as “COMPLETE” – and by that we mean absolutely everything. There are no hidden costs. See What’s Included in Every Southern View Energy Installation for complete details.

Step 3: Site Visit

After you have reviewed some conversation starter proposals, SVE makes a site visit to look at your roof and/or grounds, to assess the interconnectivity, discuss equipment placement and to answer your questions. 

Step 4: System Design

Once we have homed in on the best solution for your home or business and you give us the green light, our team will custom tailor your solar power and/or battery backup based on your requirements and building/ground orientation. SVE has the expertise to design your system, whether you need solar to reduce your electric bill, a backup batterie system used for a complete off-grid system, or a large-scale commercial endeavor. 

Step 5: Installation

We work only with the highest quality, proven manufacturers’ equipment to bring you the best performing systems possible. Southern View Energy handles all the “behind the scenes” permitting and interconnection paperwork for you. We employ our own staff for all solar electrical installations. We do not subcontract our work. Southern View Energy’s staff includes a NABCEP certified master electrician, a second master electrician, a crew of dedicated, highly trained solar technicians and/or solar project manager on site.  We are fully insured. SVE brings a depth of solar experience to ensure your system is completed to the highest standards having been in business since 2009.

The whole process from contract to installation is typically four to six weeks. The procurement phase is typically three to four weeks. Solar installation timing for residential systems ranges from a few days up to about a week, depending on its size and complexity. Commercial project installation time is commensurate with the scope of the project. Additionally, availability of materials, local permitting as well as the utility company’s final approval process all factor into the timeline.

Step 6: Ongoing Client Relations & Support

Southern View Energy takes the time to partner with each of its customers, throughout the selection and installation process, and after a system is working to save them energy and money. Our complete workmanship warranty along with the top-tier equipment warranties provide the assurance that our solar energy system will perform safely and securely for decades just as it should.

Contact us today to discuss your solar energy solution.  

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