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The Truth about “Free Solar” Offers

 “Get solar for free” – Come Ons

Have you ever come across those enticing “Free Solar” offers while surfing on the web? It’s a captivating promise, but as the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Even in the world of solar energy, where the sun’s power is abundant, there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

The Free Solar Illusion

Let’s address the elephant in the room: “Free Solar” isn’t entirely free. While solar energy has the potential to pay for itself over time, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between “free” and “cost-effective”.  To harness solar power, reduce your electricity bills and potentially have backup power with a battery, you must decide if you want to own your solar system or lease it. 

Ownership: The Path to Rewards

If you’re looking for the maximum benefits from solar energy, ownership is the key. As the system owner, you become eligible for the 30% ITC, which can significantly reduce your solar investment costs. More importantly, you gain control over your power generation, consumption and possibly storage. This becomes an investment in your future and the environment.

The Lease Option

Leasing a solar system can be an appealing choice. Typically, the entity leasing the equipment offers you a lower monthly rate than what the utility charges for the power you consume. This can be a valuable way to manage your bills effectively. Leasing companies also benefit from the 30% federal income tax credit (ITC) and any surplus energy your system generates, which the power company may buy back. However, there’s a catch. Only the system owner, the person investing in the solar system, can benefit from the ITC. In essence, they make the investment and reap the rewards of the solar system. You do, however, benefit from lower power bills with no upfront investment.

Don’t Fall for the “Free Solar” Trap

In conclusion, “Free Solar” offers may be eye catching, but they often come with strings attached. It’s vital to understand that the true benefits of solar energy lie in ownership, where you have control and can maximize the financial rewards. Whether you’re considering leasing or owning your solar system, making an informed decision is crucial. Reach out to SVE today for expert guidance on your solar journey. Let’s navigate the path to sustainable and cost-effective energy together and we’ll help you to debunk the solar myths.

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