Emergency Electrical Needs Generators vs Solar/Battery

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As installers of both generators and solar/battery systems, we’re often asked about the pros and cons of each. Here are the answers to some common questions. PROS AND CONS: Generators: Generators have several obvious advantages over solar/battery.   PROS - They can reliably provide enough electricity for your entire home under almost all circumstances. - Installation costs are much lower than those for solar/photovoltaic systems. The development of economy air-cooled generators has brought the cost of a typical installation by a licensed electrician down to a range between $7K and $11K, including a warranty.   CONS  - Generators require annual or biannual inspection and maintenance, including an oil change and a battery check.  The cost can be anywhere from $99 to $250 per year, not including repairs. - Generators are dependent on your supply of fuel. Natural gas delivery can be interrupted, and liquid propane is a finite resource. During Hurricane Florence, my parents ran out of gas after four days.

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