Part 2 will discuss more important topics covering the maintenance of solar energy systems.

Maintenance of Batteries

Many homeowners have purchased solar batteries to enhance their residential solar energy systems. Solar batteries are designed to store the excess energy solar arrays generate. The following summarizes the most common types of solar batteries.

Lithium-ion – These are highly popular because they are very efficient and require little maintenance. Perhaps the best known lithium-ion battery make is the Tesla Powerwall.

Flow – Boasting service lives of up to 25 years, flow solar batteries are an ideal choice for homes and businesses that are off-grid because of their superior capability for storing power.

Lead-acid – Invented in 1859, lead-acid batteries are best known for being affordable and reliable.

Solar batteries should be stored in a secure and well-ventilated space like a garage or outbuilding. They typically need very little maintenance. Some types may require the regular cleaning of the air filter or inspecting for corrosion. In any case, consult with a professional when selecting the right battery for your solar energy system.

Various Topics

Homeowner’s Insurance – Although the majority of insurance companies cover residential solar power panels in their homeowner policies, it’s advisable to inform them beforehand before proceeding with the installation of solar panels. Doing so will ensure that your home is covered.

Ground Mounts – Some people might be worried about the safety of roof mounting solar panels. If you have this concern, discuss the feasibility of ground mounts with the professionals handling your installation. It may already be the proper choice because of the layout of your property.

Winter Weather Worries – Although Georgia does not get much snow, there are places in the state that occasionally get a good dusting in winter. However, maintaining your solar panels during the colder months should not be a concern. Snowfall will usually melt off on its own and do no harm. If there is a covering that is hindering power production, gently remove the snow from the solar panels.

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