Spring has arrived, and we are enjoying warmer and sunnier days. You may be thinking about installing a solar energy system this season to take advantage of the increasing amount of sunlight or perhaps you already have a system installed. In either case, the proper maintenance of solar panels will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Maintenance Basics

What commercial and residential solar power panels have in common is that they are built to be very durable. They need to be in order to endure severe weather all year round. Although their cells are fragile, they are contained inside thick glass frames and casings.

Solar panels are typically designed to have service lives of up to 25 years, and some have even longer lifespans. Be sure to properly store your warranty documents in case your system ever experiences a defect or malfunction.

After a strong storm or high winds, it is a good idea to check the surfaces of your solar panels. Debris, dirt, sand, leaves, and branches should all be removed. If your solar panels are difficult to access, request an inspection from a professional to ensure the safety and functionality of your solar energy system.  

For maximum energy-producing capability, consider hiring professionals to clean your solar panels regularly to maximize energy production. Although rain helps clean dirt and dust off the solar panels, the effects of industrial or vehicle air pollution will require special cleaning. Solar panels that are not regularly cleaned will eventually generate less power than normal.

Proper Locations of Panels

While researching the installation of a solar energy system at your business or home, you have probably come across the topic of where solar panels should be installed. A big factor in being able to properly maintain solar panels is where they are installed.

For example, solar panels should not be located in your property’s shady areas. In addition to generating less energy, solar panels will be prone to being covered by leaves and branches from overhanging trees.

Fortunately, an experienced professional will be able to provide solid guidance regarding the ideal installation locations for your solar panels.

Part 2 will discuss more important topics covering the maintenance of solar energy systems.

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