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Project Details

Location Dallas, GA
Type Residential
Install Date November 2013
Installation Type Grid-Tied PV: 20 x 250W Panels (Suniva); Micro-Inverters (Enphase) + Energy Conservation
System Size 5 kW
Production/Yr(approx) 6,745 kWh (PV); 9,013 kWh total reduction
Utility Savings/Yr (approx) $944 (PV); $1,262 total reduction

Summer Home Makes Energy Year-Round

For most people, a seasonal home is one to “shut down” while away long-term, and for these owners that’s the same. Except now when they leave long-term, their home continues making energy with its solar electric system. For each and every kilowatt hour of energy it sends up to the grid, they are credited for their solar energy by Greystone EMC. Literally, money in the bank!

Southern View Energy also recommended changing their aged, standard electric water heater for an ultra-high efficiency Marathon unit that substantially lowers (by over 50% of their old unit) electric costs. So, come their May-October occupancy period this medium-sized PV system provides 80% or more of their energy needs, and they’ll have been receiving a good amount of utility credit, too. Keeping nice & cool during Georgia summers in air conditioned comfort plus running tools and a lot of other “extras” is now a breeze — without the enormous electric bill!

Here´s a few words the owners kindly shared regarding our performance on their project:

“We researched and interviewed all the solar companies in our area before making a decision on which company to go with. We found Southern View Energy to be the best. The were very straight forward, honest and really listened to what we wanted in our solar system. One company tried to sell us a system that was totally inappropriate for what we needed which would have caused major problems down the road when we wanted to expand. There are a lot out there that will steer you wrong but Southern View Energy is not one of them.”

More Information
This owner is willing to speak with inquirers further about their Southern View Energy installation and experience. Contact us for further information!

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