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Project Details

Location Lithonia, GA
Type Residential Solar Electric
Install Date April 2013
Installation Type Grid-Tied PV: 16 x 250W Panels (Canadian Solar); Micro-Inverters (Enphase)
System Size 4 kW
Production/Yr(approx) 5,880 kWh (PV); 11,640 kWh total reduction
Utility Savings/Yr (approx) $706 (PV); $1,590 total reduction

Solar Makes Larger Contribution With Attic Nightmare Corrected

With over $700/year in energy going literally out the roof, Southern View Energy paired its recommended 4kW solar electric system with not 1 but 4 key conservation measures, to bring this family homeowner the biggest possible savings:

(1) Insulate the attic to R49 (21-23″) depth; (2) Apply a radiant barrier over it; (3) Ventilate the space with a solar-powered fan; (4) Insulate H20 heater and piping in the unheated garage.

This owner now has gas & electric bills cut by nearly half. Add in utility provider Snapping Shoals EMC’s $1,500+ in service credit for having installed solar electric, combined with the 30% U.S. tax credit, and their net investment of less than $12,000 gives them a home that’s far warmer in winter, cooler in summer — AND with a solar electric system warranted for 25 years, providing over 25% of their now much-lower electric needs.

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