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Project Details

Location Lexington, GA
Type Residential
Install Date October 2014
Installation Type Grid-Tied: 40 x 250W Panels; String Inverters; 800ah 48V Battery Bank
System Size 10kW
Production/Yr(approx) 15,840 kWh
Utility Savings/Yr (approx) $2,376

80% Utility Savings + Security From Outages

A large, south-facing yard near the house was all it took for us to ideally orient these owner’s new 10kW grid-tied PV system. Their solar production is estimated to cut the utility bill by over 80%.

It also provides more than enough to run key circuits (refrigeration, well pump, communication, lighting) on the newly-installed battery back-up system. A solid investment in clean, free sun power that will keep shining for years!

And it doesn’t really take that much space: This array is approximately 60′ in length. So, if you have that kind of area available, call SVE and see how much solar you might be able to enjoy!

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