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Project Details

Location Ochlocknee, GA
Type Residential
Install Date May 2014, May 2015
Installation Type Grid-Tied: 40 x 250W Panels (SolarWorld); String Inverters (SMA)
System Size 10 kW
Production/Yr(approx) 13,808 kWh
Utility Savings/Yr (approx) $1,795

Ground System Cuts Bill Over 70%

This country-living family was able to take advantage of their large amount of sunny space, and have a ground-mounted array installed in a clearing near the home.

The biggest advantage of going to ground vs. a roof-mounted system is this: You are not restricted to the roof’s direction(s) and slope. Meaning that on the ground you can achieve the ideal azimuth (direction) and tilt angle. Maximum production!

These owners wisely chose to take the “incremental approach”, too: They wished to add a solar-powered battery back-up system about a year after getting started with solar electric — which we returned for and accomplished for them right on schedule! The next step for them is to add ANOTHER 10kW (approx) in solar panels, and a significant increase in their battery capacity — which will take them totally off-grid. By not waiting for an “all or nothing” system, they have chosen to save immediately on their utility bills and will get there one step at a time!

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