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Project Details

Location Fayetteville, GA
Type Residential
Install Date March 2011
Installation Type Grid-Tied: 11 x 190W Panels (Mage Solar); Micro-Inverters (Enphase)
System Size 2.1 kW
Production/Yr(approx) 2,600 kWh (PV); 4,004 kWh total reduction
Utility Savings/Yr (approx) $377 (PV); $1388 total reduction

Practical Approach Serves Owner Best!

A perfect example of how even smaller solar electric systems can easily provide 30% or more of a home’s energy:

There were some serious energy challenges here that were best met by taking the “whole home approach,” since simply adding some solar electric production wasn’t going to be very effective in reducing the owner’s total energy spend. This was due mainly to a very sub-par attic insulation (R18) and ventilation (failed AC-powered vent fan) condition, and having aged and poorly-operating air conditioning units.

What Southern View Energy recommended, in addition to being able to support over 2,000 watts of solar electric on their somewhat challenging (12:12 pitch, or 45 degrees) & limited-area roof space, was to get the attic up to R49 (US-DOE recommended for max-efficiency, their zone) along with a radiant barrier applied, and properly ventilate it not just summer but year-round (helping reduce any moisture potential during even winter months) with a solar-powered fan, and also to improve & extend the AC unit’s life by replacing their conventional R410 (freon mix) for HC22A (hydrocarbon) which is a completely non-corrosive, lubricating and cooler-running compound.

Net result: An approximate 54% TOTAL energy reduction, equal to more than $1,400 in annual energy savings. Not to mention a MUCH more comfortable living environment with HVAC systems running far less. And most significantly, their solar electric makes a much larger portion of their total energy needs — now, and for a future safely sheltered from utility rate increases.

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