Part 2 will cover Solar Battery Alternative, North-Facing Roofs, and Roof Pitch.

Solar Battery Alternative

An alternative approach for mitigating peak demand pricing is the installation of an energy storage system with a solar battery. Using this strategy, rooftop orientation will be less of a factor. As long as its solar panels can generate energy, a system will be able to store energy that can be consumed when electricity is most costly, maximizing  savings on utility costs.

North-Facing Roofs

Generating adequate energy from solar panels on a north-facing roof will require an installation that will mount them in opposition to the slant. The aesthetics will be less than ideal, and energy production will be less than other-facing systems. Thus, it may make sense to consider a non-roof installation by utilizing solar panel pole or ground mounts.

Typically, your roof will offer the ideal location for an unshaded area that is large enough on your property. However, properties that have enough yard space can accommodate, a ground-mounted system, which would be less expensive than a roof-mounted installation. In addition, ground-based solar panels are easier to access and maintain.

Roof Pitch

Even though it’s less of a factor than roof orientation, the angle solar panels are mounted will affect energy production. The objective is maximizing the amount of sunlight striking the panels at a perpendicular angle. Panels mounted flush to the roof will have their angles determined by the roof pitch itself.

In the states outside of Alaska, the ideal angle for south-facing panels will be from 30 to 40 degrees. The latitude of the system’s location will determine the best angle for solar production. The steeper the angle, the greater the maintenance benefit because it will be easier for snow and debris to slide off.

West and east-facing panels will generate more energy if their mounting is flatter than 30 degrees. 15-degree tilted west or east-facing solar panels will generate 15% less energy than south-facing panels. At a 30-degree tilt they will generate 20% less.

A roof pitch that is sub-optimal is correctible with a mounting system that angles panels at a more advantageous tilt for production, but it can be expensive.

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