With summer around the corner, many homeowners may be tempted to begin a solar panel installation. Southern View Energy can install solar panels during any time of the year, but different seasons have pros and cons.

Spring Solar Panel Installation

Installing solar panels in the spring gives you enough time to complete your set-up before the hot summer months. Hot, humid summers mean higher electric bills. Solar energy is great for reducing the amount of electricity you are paying for through the electric company, and Southern View Energy can assist in hooking your solar panels up to the electric grid. However, the average lead time for fully-connected solar panels is 45 working days. Beginning the installation a minimum of 1.5 months before the intense summer months ensures that you can take full advantage of the solar energy in the summer.

However, spring projects are often delayed due to weather conditions. Solar panels cannot be installed during stormy conditions outside.

Summer Solar Panel Installation

Many homeowners prefer to install their solar panels in the summer because weather delays are usually not an issue. Summer installations are generally booked well in advance, so you should contact Southern View Energy immediately.

The actual solar panel installation can usually be completed within 1 – 2 weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project. However, since connecting the solar panels to the energy grid can take up to 45 days, you may not get full use out of your solar panels installed during the summer.

Fall & Winter Solar Panel Installation

The cooler seasons are usually a tradeoff between weather delays and availability. Southern View Energy has available during the upcoming winter months to complete a solar panel installation. We are usually less busy during the winter than during the summer months, making last-minute installs easy to fit into the schedule. However, weather delays can quickly turn a 1 – 2 week install into a 2 – 4 week project. Heavy snowfall or ice is a limiting factor during winter solar panel installations.

Contact Southern View Energy at (678)-83305191 for a quote on a solar panel installation. Solar panels can be installed at any time of the year. The best time to install your solar panels was yesterday! Do not delay any longer in getting your installation underway.