It’s now possible to never have to fill up at a gas station again. Instead, you can have an unlimited supply of fuel conveniently available in your garage. If you’re an all-electric vehicle driver and homeowner, you can make this happen! 

Most plug-in vehicles are sold with a Level 1 charging station, allowing owners to charge the battery from a standard household outlet. If you own a plug-in hybrid with a limited electrical range or don’t drive often, this should be adequate. Other electric vehicles (EVs) will require a Level 2 charging station.

Home Charging Stations

Classified as EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment), a home charging station actually does not do the charging. Electric cars typically carry an on-board charger that converts household AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current) that will be stored in a vehicle’s batteries.

Five Considerations

  1. Make and model of your plug-in car.
  2. Location of the nearest electric panel to your parking space.
  3. Your vehicle’s electric range.
  4. If you have a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), what is its electric range?
  5. If you have a BEV (battery electric vehicle), what is the farthest distance you expect driving regularly between charges?


Typically, plug-in hybrid vehicles, such as the Chevy Volt and Kia Optima, have limited electric ranges of 40-50 miles. Usually, they can be fully charged overnight using their Level 1 (120 V) chargers that use a standard household outlet. On the other hand, a BEV like a Nissan Leaf or Tesla Model 3 can require a shorter period of time to charge up, depending on the type of charger used.

Part 2 will discuss Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 EV charging stations.

Trusted Professionals for EV Charging Solutions

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