Having a greenhouse on your residential property is a great way to start your produce or flowers during the colder months. Alternatively, you may own a larger commercial greenhouse. Regardless of whether you own a commercial or personal greenhouse, you can save money on your heating bills by switching to solar energy. Solar panels can effectively heat your greenhouse by using green, renewable energy. Southern View Energy has competitive rates on the latest in solar panel technology.

Types of Solar Panels Used to Heat a Greenhouse

There are two types of solar panels, solar thermal and solar PV. When people think of solar panels, they are most likely thinking of the solar thermal panels. Solar thermal panels produce heat, while solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels produce electricity. A greenhouse will typically not require heating during the day, except during the winter months. Normally a greenhouse will have a heater running in the evening when the nighttime temperatures drop. To power the nighttime heater, a solar PV system should be installed.

What is Solar PV?

As sunlight hits the solar PV panel system, an electric current is produced. This electric current will run to the solar inverter, which converts the electricity into a form that common household appliances can use. You will need to purchase battery storage for your solar panel system because the greenhouse will not use the electricity generated by a solar PV system until nightfall. The battery will store the electricity produced during the daytime hours and power the greenhouse heater after dark. Depending on the size of your greenhouse, you may need several battery packs to run all your lights and heaters. Our skilled technicians at Southern View Energy can quickly and easily set up your solar PV battery backup system.

Advantages of Using Solar Power to Heat a Greenhouse

There are several types of solar PV panels available. Southern View Energy can assist you in purchasing the best kind of solar panels for your project. Solar PV panels are either thin-film, monocrystalline, or polycrystalline solar panels. Each type of solar panel has its disadvantages and advantages. Southern View Energy can discuss which system will work best for you during a free consultation. Solar PV panels will last 25 – 35 years and pay for themselves in approximately eight years. This makes them ideal for heating a greenhouse over the long run. Contact Southern View Energy at 678-833-5191 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.