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Generators: Your own personal power plan

Nobody likes being without power. That’s why we believe every great energy plan must have a great back-up plan and Southern View Energy offers effective solutions for your needs:
Solar Generator

Gas Generators can be very compact and still produce a large amount of electricity. They’re also easy to start and operate. Southern View Energy is a Certified Kohler Generator Dealer. We install Natural Gas & Propane Generators for residential and light commercial systems.

Not quite sure which type or size of backup power system is the best one you?  That’s where having Southern View Energy as your expert design consultant and installation specialist really pays off.  Contact us today and learn how to make your home or business more safe and secure during any power outage event.

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For more information on solar and how Southern View Energy is different from other solar installers, watch our video here or go to Solar 101. We’d also love to chat about your solar needs and questions. Call 678.833.5191, email us at or fill out the form below.