Garages and pole barns are as handy as pockets on a shirt. After all, who would pass up extra storage space or room for a workshop? Pole barns cost on average $27,000 to build, depending on the desired size and materials. The base cost excludes electricity and other materials, such as a concrete floor. The cost to run electricity to a new build site could run thousands of dollars and tear up your yard. Electric lines are typically buried in conduit and run to the new outbuilding by a certified electrician. Rather than going through the hassle of running electric lines, you should install solar panels in your garage or pole barn. Our technicians at Southern View Energy will provide free estimates on solar panel installation projects.

Every Project is Unique

We are not a “one size fits all” solar energy company. Every project completed by Southern View Energy is one of a kind. We will personalize the solar panels for your garage or pole barn to generate the electricity you use daily. A small-scale solar panel project is sufficient for a garage that only needs to power a single light or the garage door. On the other hand, if you plan to run shop tools, such as a bandsaw or table saw, you will need a more robust solar panel installation. There are also other factors that your Southern View Energy technician will take into consideration:

1. Roof Space

A small garage may not have sufficient roof space for all the solar panels needed. In this case, a ground-mounted solar panel system can be installed to meet the energy needs of your garage.

2. Surrounding Trees

Although solar panels have come a long way, shade is still the number one enemy of solar panels. Solar panels that are shaded will produce half of the energy of those in the sunlight. If your garage or pole barn is adjacent to trees, you will need to compensate by installing additional solar panels or a ground-mounted system.

3. Solar Battery

If your garage or pole barn is not hooked up to the electric grid, you will only have access to electricity while your solar panels are operational during the day. You can get around this by installing a solar battery bank. These will store electricity produced during the day for use later.

Southern View Energy has qualified technicians to install solar panels on your garage or pole barn. Contact us at (678)-833-5191 to schedule your free estimate for a solar panel installation.