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1.  Does your company have a tax liability?

If so, then take immediate advantage of the full 30% U.S. income tax credit on the entire cost of a solar energy system.  If not, it’s still yours to take at any time in the future (lifetime carry-over provision) so long as you continue to enter the carry-over on each (and every) year’s tax submittal going forward.

This is a significant piece of the many parts that effect just how well solar electric measures up for you.  Southern View Energy can help you put it all together!

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2032 may be the final year at 30%. 

2.  Do you have at least 15 years left on the age of your roof?

Roof condition is important with all solar installations, and while age isn’t everything it’s generally a good start.  If your roof was last replaced or majorly re-conditioned over 10 years ago, it might pay to re-roof prior to placing solar on it.  Or your 15 year old roof may NOT need replacement for another 10-15 years.  At which time the system can be taken down temporarily and re-installed.  Even with that as a planned future cost you could still see quite favorable ROI/IRR.

Southern View Energy will help you determine all of this as part of its site assessment, contact us to get started.

3.  Is there a place on your property with an unobstructed view of the southern sky?

This can be on either your roof or available ground space.  And while an unobstructed southern exposure is typically ideal, even a full east or west-facing direction yields just approx. 3% less.  The key especially for fixed position systems is your peak times of use (TOU), available utility rate schedules and whether or not you’re likely to change that profile over the next several years. Sun and/or seasonal-tracking panel systems are another thing, but we’ll stop here for now!

Southern View Energy can determine from among multiple PV module types and mounting system orientations the optimal siting relative to your TOU.

4.  Would having an asset that can be fully expensed in its 1st year be helpful?

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 (effective 2018-2022) allows for 100% business expensing of your solar system.  You may also chose to depreciate it over any other schedule you prefer.  Depending on your tax appetite (combined with the projected cost of utility-supplied electric), you can reasonably expect to see a payback period of as low as 4-5 years and an average of 6-8 here in Georgia, with solid IRRs well above 10%…and annual ROI that is simply astounding.

The 2nd of your 2 most significant tax options, we can run your energy savings investment analysis on any schedule you’d like to consider.

5.  What appeals to you about the potential of solar electric for your business?

  • Reducing your total cost of energy
  • Sizable tax advantage
  • Becoming more energy independent
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Marketing & PR opportunities

No wrong answers here!
The success of placing solar energy into service for your business can be delivered from all directions…just like the sun.
Southern View Energy brings it all together to deliver the best solar energy outcome for you!

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