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Southern View Energy solar generator installation

As covered in Part 1, you have been considering installing a standby generator at your home, but have questions that need answering before going forward. Part 2 will cover three more FAQs for your new home standby generator.

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Solar Generator

You and your family live in Georgia where an occasional hurricane or tornado knocks down power lines, leaving you and your family without power for an extended time. You’ve been thinking about installing a home standby generator, but you haven’t moved forward because you still have some questions. Well, the following are answers for typical…

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solar shingles in georgia

The current economic environment is challenging. Rising Inflation and increasing supply-chain issues will continue for a significant period of time according to experts. Thus, it is advisable to purchase your solar panels before their prices rise and their inventory drastically decreases.

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north georgia solar, southern view energy company

The global economy has been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many businesses have opted for more flexible work arrangements and the remote workforce has grown by leaps and bounds.

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North east Georgia solar installers

Solar panels are a great way to stop the reliance on traditional energy companies that use fossil fuels. However, solar energy is only available during the day and most homeowners are not present in their residences during these daytime hours. Connecting your solar panels to the existing energy grid allows you to receive a credit…

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Charging electric car with generator

Electric vehicles are growing increasingly popular due to multiple car manufacturers getting into the electric vehicle market. More and more consumers are installing electric vehicle chargers on their properties. Although electric vehicles are a great, environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles, there is a catch. The electric vehicle chargers rely on electricity produced by fossil…

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residential solar with southern view energy

Homesteading is becoming more prevalent as the prices of groceries and other basic goods increase. Growing your own food and becoming self-sufficient is important to a lot of homeowners. Knowing exactly what goes into your food and where it comes from allows for a better impact on the local environment and your health.

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North east Georgia solar contractors

Climate change is undeniable at this point. Given the extreme weather patterns and other effects observed worldwide, steps need to be taken to limit our carbon dioxide emissions. One of the easiest ways for homeowners to control their CO2 emissions is to install solar panels. Solar energy is 100% green and utilizes the power of…

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solar roof georgia

Part 2 will continue covering how solar panels made history.

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North Georgia Solar Energy

The discovery of the solar cell marked the beginning of a revolution in the production of energy. Since this discovery, scientists have developed technology in stages that allowed consumers to benefit from photovoltaic energy for everyday use. A story of innovation, solar energy history began to be made during the early 19th century.

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